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We are here to assist you or a loved one who is battling addiction

Eastside Outpatient Services is dedicated to helping you, help yourself.

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Welcome to Eastside Outpatient Services

We are here to assist you or a loved one who is battling addiction ~ we offer help and hope to individuals and their family members affected by substance use or abuse. During this transition we work with you through this journey to a new life.

Taking the necessary steps to enter a rehabilitation center is a difficult decision and it takes courage and determination. Depending on your needs we guide our clients’ to find hope, to dream and to recapture their lives.

Outpatient treatment is more long term and patients can attend programs for as long as needed. A variety of techniques and program intensity levels are used to achieve this goal.


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How can we help?

The beautiful thing about Eastside Outpatient Services is people who attend outpatient drug treatment seek to discover ways to live fulfilling lives without drugs and alcohol..

Why choose Eastside Outpatient

Adjusting to life in the outside world can be a serious challenge for the newly sober addict or alcoholic. Individual or group counseling assists the newly sober person in outpatient drug rehabilitation to make connections with other individuals having suffered with addiction and who have insight and wisdom as well as practical advice to share with the newly sober person.


Eastside Outpatient Services is vital during your road to recovery. When you enter our facility you are greeted by devoted and compassionate people who strive to work with you in eliminating the haze of addiction. We are prepared with licensed, certified and compassionate experts who also recognize the significance of a more humanistic approach.


As our patients continue to grow and reach towards a future free of alcohol and drug use or abuse; Eastside Outpatient Services provides support by tackling individual needs. Our focal point is to ensure our clients receive the highest level of treatment in a safe, secure and welcoming environment.

Practitioner Bios:

Eastside Outpatient Services recognizes the importance of a strong client/ staff relationship; we are mindful to take pride in our hiring process and we place emphasis on having the right team in place. Our staff is not only qualified but they are also sensitive to our clients’ needs.


Whether it is the latest technology or a simple human touch; Eastside Outpatient Services is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality in services and treatments. We offer numerous innovative techniques to our patients ranging from individual assessments to alcohol and highway safety education.

Drug Charts:

Eastside Outpatient Services provided drug charts as a glimpse into the effects various drugs impose on the mind and body.

As an organization we are state licensed and CARF accredited and our counselors and therapists are also state certified. In an effort to provide the highest quality services and treatments Eastside Outpatient Services is committed to continuous education and training. Our staff has a proven track record and equally as important our clients’ are comfortable with our team. Eastside Outpatient Services guarantees our staff will always treat patients’ with respect, privacy, integrity and compassion.

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